MA in Interdisciplinary Design

Qualification Awarded MA in Interdisciplinary Design
Level Of Qualification Master (2nd Cycle Degree) 
Offered by Department of Arts and Communication
Mode of Study Full Time or Part Time


The MA in Interdisciplinary Design program encourages students to challenge and explore conventional boundaries of various art and design disciplines, borrowing and experimenting creatively. Interdisciplinary methodologies are investigated and applied aiming in the advancement and development of new and novel design discourses. The program encourages and respects critical theory as well as in depth understanding of material and the practice of making. Furthermore it offers a close relation with the professional industry and provides opportunities for collaboration on real life local and international projects.

The program is anchored in the area of Design, allowing each individual student to follow the areas of expertise provided by streams, which reflect the needs of upcoming new industries, such as Creative Practice for Applied Design and Creative Practice for Communication Design.

Occupational Profiles of the Graduates
The majority of the employment opportunities lie within the local creative industries. Graduates from the MA Interdisciplinary Design will go into managerial creative posts such as Creative Coordinators, Design Managers or Art Directors in Graphic Design agencies, Interior Architecture, Art and Design related posts, as well as the media and will be working towards hybrid forms of visual and social research and creative production.