PhD Applied Arts

Qualification Awarded PhD in Applied Arts
Level Of Qualification PhD (3rd Cycle Degree)
Offered by Department of Arts and Communication
Mode of Study Full Time or Part Time


The PhD in Applied Arts Program is a research-oriented program offered by the Arts and Communication Department. The main purpose of the Program is the creation of new and innovative knowledge via scientific and artistic methods and theories by providing a framework for state-of-the-art research in the various domains of the Arts. The Program operates as a platform for artists, designers and art practitioners who regard theoretical reflection and artistic practice as intrinsically related and complementary.

The Program enables the candidate to create opportunities to develop research skills that support innovative professional practice, research and/or academic careers within the fields of art, design and the creative industries. The Program also accepts practice-based research along with theoretical research. Thus personal research could evolve around actual arts practices and their creative outcomes or may prioritize the conceptual or the historical.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates
The PhD in Applied Arts aims at enhancing and progressing careers in the art and design sector and opening up opportunities at senior levels in the arts and the creative economy. Research degrees can be key to pursuing an academic career, and graduates may go on to research or teach in higher education institutions.