BA in Interior Design

Qualification Awarded BA in Interior Design
Level Of Qualification Bachelor (1st Cycle Degree)
Offered by Department of Arts and Communication
Mode of Study Full Time or Part Time


The Program is orientated towards an Architectural perspective enriched with a broad Fine Art context, allowing a balance of input between Architecture, Interior Design and the Arts. The BA Interior Design program is designed to prepare future professionals in the Interior Architecture and Design field who will be functioning in the ever-changing world of the new century. Students acquire sufficient knowledge, techniques and understanding of design, which enables them to use it as a foundation both for employment and academic understanding.

This program has been designed to focus on the design of objects and space which are appropriate to their physical and social contexts. The program occupies a territory overlapping with other related fields: the precise ergonomic and hand-contact focus of furniture and product design; the transient and heightened atmospheric world of theatre design; the strategic thinking and client centred perspectives of trend forecasters, graphic designers and management consultancy; the conceptual strengths of contemporary performance and sculpture and the timeless universal qualities of architecture.

The program also introduces and orientates students towards new technologies which not only reflect changes in innovative teaching and learning practices but also the international industrial market place.

Occupational Profiles of the Graduates
The majority of the employment opportunities lie within the local creative industries. The graduates of the Program have the knowledge and skills required for the design, implementation, and administration of spatial processes. Graduates from the BA program in Interior Design fulfil the requirements for employment in the public or private sectors as Interior and Spatial Designers, Exhibition Designers, Production/Set Designers (TV/Theatre/Film), Visual Merchandisers, Architectural Drafters, Furniture/Product Designers, 3D Visualisers. The graduates of the Program can also be employed as educators in public or private secondary schools.