BA in Graphic and Advertising Design

Qualification Awarded BA in Graphic and Advertising Design
Level Of Qualification Bachelor (1st Cycle Degree)
Offered by Department of Arts and Communication
Mode of Study Full Time or Part Time


The Graphic and Advertising Design program of study proposes an innovative and
all-rounded approach to the ever-changing and versatile fields of visual culture, digital media, and graphic design as applied in the areas of visual communication, information, promotion and entertainment.

Taking into account the intellectual debates and technical advancements of our era, the program offers a broad knowledge and acute awareness of the current and anticipated developments in contemporary printed and digital graphic design communication. The program focuses in the promotion and development of visual literacy, visual intelligence and visual competence.

Given that graphic design, advertising and digital media is a growing field, greatly influenced by current cultural trends and technological developments, the program gives strong emphasis to provide sustainable education where students are enabled to learn how to teach themselves and acquire the ability to constantly gain knowledge over time.

Occupational Profiles of the Graduates
The graduates of the Program have the knowledge and skills required for the design, implementation, and administration of graphic communication tools. They fulfill the requirements for employment in the public or private sectors as graphic designers, visual communicators, and advertising designers.
Upon completion of their studies, students of the BA Graphic and Advertising Design can work independently or in advertising agencies, print and digital graphic design offices, industrial production units, TV channels, etc.