The Department of Arts and Communication at Frederick University is a vibrant and progressive hub promoting contemporary design practices, creative entrepreneurship and research. The Department’s philosophy resides in a balance of visual, oral, and written intelligence development in the fields of art, design and communication. Primarily concerned with the power and value of concepts and ideas, the Arts and Communication Department employs new teaching methodologies and promotes the dissemination of new knowledge and ideas, in the areas of visual communication, applied design, film and entertainment.

Understanding contemporary practices and cutting edge means of production the Department cultivates critical thinking, ideation, analysis and production processes governing the various design disciplines. Emphasis is paid to individual growth, the development of professional skills and the independent flow of ideas and enabling students to gain a place in the professional community as productive individuals either as creative designers, applied arts scholars, artists, film-makers, sound specialists etc.

The Department of Arts and Communication at Frederick University -characterised by a dynamic creative energy and a strong sense of community- aspires that its graduates become visionaries of the future and pioneering practitioners, in the constantly developing fields of applied arts and communication.