The Department of Arts and Communication at Frederick University consists of a multidisciplinary group of committed and highly accomplished academics with long-standing experience and professional recognition in their respective fields.

The Department, established in 1984, has a long history within the areas of Fine Arts, Applied Arts and Communication, being the first Department in a Higher Education Institution to offer academic courses in the fields of Arts and Design. It has since been established in its current prominent position as one of the leading Art and Communication University Departments in Cyprus that promotes artistic research, design innovation and academic excellence.

The Arts and Communication Department offers five undergraduate degrees: BA in Graphic and Advertising Design, BA in Interior Design, BA in Fashion and Image, BA in Journalism and BA in Audio Visual Communication. It also offers four postgraduate degrees: MA in Interdisciplinary Design, MA in Fine Art: Contemporary Art Practices, MA in International Studies and PhD in Applied Arts.

Within this wide range of academic disciplines and artistic practices a dynamic and creative research environment is fostered and encouraged. Central to the Department’s Research philosophy is a multidisciplinary approach between Art, Design and Communication fields, practices and projects. Conventional theoretical research methodological models are further developed, expanded and explored informing innovative, experimental research, artistic projects and design applications. In addition, artistic projects initiatives –their processes, visual, cultural and social manifestations- form the practical basis for further academic research resulting in an interconnected structure of research, practice and design. Specialized subject areas are in constant exchange between one another, constituting both the basis for a multidisciplinary academic curriculum material as well as the specialized research themes of the Department faculty.

The Departmental Art, Design and Communication research subject areas are actively enhanced and developed through a long-standing network of collaborations:

  1. Internally within the University: on a Departmental individual and group research project level, through investment in University/Departmental academic research labs, through inter-Departmental collaborations, through the alumni network.
  2. Externally on a national level: through cross-University networks, local community, governmental institutions, industry partners and professional collaborations, educational institutions and artistic initiatives.
  3. Internationally: international academic associations, University networks, European and International Educational programs and participation in international academic research bodies

The Departmental Research work aims to be of the highest level contributing to new knowledge to the University and the wider academic community. Through our local and global academic networks, our industry partners and the local community, we aim in further developing the intersections of our own fields of knowledge in order to link art, design and communication within a wider social, economic, cultural, political and professional context.